polish interpreter

Polish Interpreting Services

August 4, 2016 Anna 0

Interpreting Services: bespoke and tailor-made face-to-face and telephone interpreting services allowing you to open new channels of communication and build stronger business relationships.

Translation Services

Translation Services

August 3, 2016 Anna 0

Translation Services: you will be provided with affordable, prompt and highly accurate document translations without compromising the standard. We have be asked to translate various […]

Proof Reading Service

Proofreading Services

August 3, 2016 Anna 0

Proofreading Services: We can check your translation against the original text and make any necessary changes to give you peace of mind and help you […]

Courts & Justice UK

DPSI / DPI preparation courses

August 2, 2016 Anna 0

DPSI/ DPI preparation courses: individually designed programmes to suit personal needs provided by an experienced university lecturer/ language tutor.

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Who Am I? by Anna O’Neill

July 20, 2016 Anna 0

My name is Anna O’Neill. I am a fully qualified and experienced POLISH to ENGLISH and ENGLISH to POLISH interpreter and translator. I am also […]